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The dry expanse of Arizona, with vultures soaring above and sand crunching underfoot, was littered with discarded whiskey bottles from the nearby saloon, carelessly left by a cowboy.

As the leaders of a local gang, you have established yourselves as the rightful owners of this abandoned city nestled within the canyon, with no intention of allowing any outsiders to encroach upon your territory.

Yet, rumors have reached your ears that a gang of ruthless thugs is making their way towards your domain, with intentions to seize control. But this is not the first, nor will it be the last time that you are faced with such a challenge.

As the bandits swagger into your saloon, their demeanor oozing arrogance and aggression, they make it clear that they are the new sheriff in town. But you calmly draw your revolver and take aim at the bottle the gang leader has placed on the counter, a warning shot.

With a grin, you deliver the message, “Your head will be next, cowboy!”