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Laser tag game

Laser tag is a safe tactical game for children and adults, in which the hitting of other players is made using an infrared pulse, the same as in your TV remote control. The game is ideal for both independent businesses and family entertainment centers. The game can be held both indoors (arena laser tag) and outdoors (outdoor laser tag). In the form of laser tag taggers, players can use both realistic taggers and sci-fi look blasters, similar to weapons from science fiction films.

Each player is wearing either a headband with hit sensors that receive IR pulses from other players’ weapons, or a vest or both. Players play various scenarios, from a simple last man standing and team vs team deathmatch, to capturing and holding control points, assaulting shelters, a zombie apocalypse, freeing a hostage, and clearing bombs.

There are many different additional devices in laser tag that are used to expand a variety of game scenarios: ammunition resupply points, respawn devices, digital flags, secret boxes, etc. It all depends on what scenarios you want to run.

Depending on the type of laser tag, you can use the online statistics system to broadcast it on a large TV to players or fans, you can arrange tournaments or various thematic scenario games.

Laser tag has several advantages over other types of entertainment

  • it is a game for all ages
  • it is a sport, which means that you will always be in the trend of a healthy lifestyle
  • it is safe unlike airsoft or paintball
  • you can use the equipment both indoors and hold mobile games
  • high customer loyalty allows building a system of tournaments and ratings.
  • there are no additional costs (taggers only need to be charged).