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The Avatar Games VR franchise consists of three types of games:


Avatar FAMILY GAMES are a unique development by the company that is suitable even for small children. These games do not feature firearms or violence. They can be played by two or more players, but they are primarily recommended for groups or family entertainment. Even if you are already using another franchise as a shooter, we highly recommend adding this children and family content.

Fishing Team

You have nets in your hands, and you are standing in waist-deep water. The goal of each team in this scenario is to catch as many fish as possible, earning points for your team. However, dangerous fish swim around you, which must be avoided, or else you’ll die and have to return to your base to start over.


Fire Keeper

You are divided into two teams and find yourselves in an underground area with torches hanging on the walls. The goal of your team is to light as many torches with your team’s color as possible. You have fire and fire extinguishers in your hands. You can both light new torches with your color and extinguish the opponent’s torches using the fire extinguisher and then light them with your color. The team with more of their torches lit at the end of the round wins.

Save the Penguin

You have two fish in your hands, and penguins are running around you. You need to lure the penguins into your team’s house. To lure a penguin, you need to get close to it with a fish and then lead it to your team’s house using the fish. Penguins come in different sizes, with larger ones earning more points for your team. The team that lures more penguins and earns more points wins.

Jet Fight

You shoot at opponents from the other team using jet-powered boxing gloves that can be launched into the sky. The team’s goal is to knock out as many opponents from the other team as possible within a specific time frame.

Harvest Battle

One team plants and cultivates pumpkins, while the other team plants and cultivates watermelons. Each team can both plant their own crops and destroy the other team’s crops. The team with larger crops at the end of the round wins.

Paint Battle

Each team has guns with their paint in one hand and an umbrella in the other. The goal of each team is to paint as much of the floor with their color as possible. You can also paint the members of the other team and defend yourself from being painted by using the umbrella in your other hand. Painted players return to their side’s base and recover there.

Crossbow Fight

Members of your team and the opposing team have crossbows in their hands, and the goal of each team is to hit as many apples placed around the arena as possible. However, you can also shoot at other players from the opposing team.

Diamond Dungeon

Two teams dig tunnels into a mountain using picks and collect diamonds. The team that collects more diamonds wins.

  1. Avatar Battle

A unique VR shooter in which each player can choose one of 12 characters, each with unique abilities. The game includes several scenarios and multiple worlds.

  1. Avatar VS Zombies Arcade Shooter

An arcade VR shooter that can be played by either one person or a small team of players. According to the game’s scenario, waves of zombies, various monsters, and bosses come at the players, and they defend themselves with weapons provided at the beginning of each round and with devices that players can set up at the start of each round (mines against monsters and automatic turrets).