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Free Virtual Reality Franchise 
No Royalty payments 

from $930

fastest start
from 1 month

Operation profit
from the 1st game

Payback of investments
from 2 months

Average Profit
$5,500 / month

Watch our video about Starting VR Franchise business .

Free Virtual Reality Franchise
today means:

  • No Royalty fees 
  • No Franchese fee
  • No recurring payments  
  • Free software updates

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VR Arena packages

Test Drive


vr game license



when you have doubts

Try this pricing plan if you need a test‑drive of our virtual reality franchise



vr game license



business support

The most popular pricing plan 






business support

One-time payment with lifeime support.

Additional Services 

– On-site manager assistance for arena opening  (Travel and accommodation are not included and are paid separately.) – $ 500
– Turnkey arena design project by Warstation designers and architects team $ 1,999
– New VR worlds adjusting for your arena – $ 999
– Opening under the WARSTATION brand (for the “Basic” package) – $ 1,999
– Staff training assistance – $ 500

What is needed to open 
Virtual Reality Arena

VR arena space needed

from 1,500 sq.ft. space 
in city mall or family
entertainment center
with passing trade traffic

Oculus Quest 2 all in one headset for VR

6-14 Oculus Quest 2 or PICO4 
Standard Meta Quest 2 or PICO4 All-In-One VR Headsets for your players

VR WarStation Franchise software

Warstation software  
VR arena software that loads
virtual words into Meta Quest or PICO4 helmets

How to start
VR partnership? 


Find appropriate location

Find 1,500 sq. ft. arena and send us preliminary floor plan. We will tell you if it is suitable for VR  business.  We recommend this location to have as much passing trade traffic as you can find.

vr arena plan


Adjusting virtual words

We will adjust and render all our virtual words exactly to your location dimensions including all pillars, walls, side rooms etc.  The players will see obstacles in virtual worlds exactly at the same places as you have them in your real arena. Usually it takes about 14 days.

virtual reality worlds adjustment


Buy standard VR Helmets

You will need 6-14 (Meta Quest 2 or PICO4 helmets. These items can be bought on Amazon or any local store

Meta Quest 2 for vr business


Make your facility safer

Cover the walls with a soft material that excludes injuries. Lay a soft checkerboard pattern covering on the floor. We will help you find these materials in local stores.

VR arena construction


Install our software  on your PC  

This software will load data into players’ VR helmets and control the games, stop and start rounds etc.  

virtual reality software


Open your arena and start your games 

vr business

Virtual Reality Industry statistics & facts

Virtual Reality  is the most profitable business for family entertainment centers and city malls with profit margins up to 50% and payback period from 1 to 6 months.

According to Statistica.com VR industry as a whole is growing at a fast pace, with the global VR market size projected to increase from less than $5B in 2021 to more than $12B  by 2024.

VR Industry marker growth

 more than $ 252 billion

Virtual Reality market size 2028 forecast

What is VR business ?

VR business description


WARSTATION is a profitable Virtual Reality business. You can open your own Virtual Reality Arena in any city mall or family entertainment center. All you need for this is any room with an area of ​​1,500 sq. ft. and 6-14 virtual reality helmet and gamepads like Oculus Quest 2 or PICO4. This new kind of entertainment will appeal to both children and adults. We will provide you with the necessary software to open the arena and provide any technical support.

Virtual reality franchise

Business model

A year ago, to organize your own virtual arena, you had to spend more than a hundred thousand dollars and spend a lot of money on maintaining complex equipment and paying expensive specialists. Our business model allows even an unprepared person to launch their own arena. Now this business is available to almost everyone so you can start making profit from the first month with minimal investment.

Virtual Reality franchise  advantages

Low barrier of entry and fast payback


Opening a VR arena will cost much less than opening a pizzeria, hookah, coffee shop, trampoline center or other similar business. To start this business, you will need less than 9 thousand, and the payback period will be much less than 6 months.

low barrier of entry to franchise
Fast franchise start

Quick Start 


The time required to launch the business is just one month. This short period is possible due the fact that you do not need to carry out expensive repairs to the premises, as the worlds are created in virtual reality. All you need to do is cover the walls with soft material and lay a soft material with a square pattern on the floor.

High Customer Lifetime and value

You will have a high customer lifetime value due to the fact that people again and again want to experience this vivid and incredible gaming experience. Thanks to a wide variety of game worlds, you will always have something to please your customers.

High customer lifetime value of  virtual reality business
Minimal risks of VR Business

Minimal risks


Minimal risks due to small investments at the start point. You do not need to give us part of the profits as with a classic franchise. We will provide all the necessary materials for the promotion and development of your VR arena.

Profit from the first month

With the right marketing strategy, you will start making profit from the first month, which will only grow further.


VR Business Profit from the first month
VR franchise for entertainment  month

An exciting form of entertainment:


In most cases, the mere appearance of a virtual reality arena generates immense interest among city residents or visitors to a specific shopping mall. It is indeed a very captivating type of entertainment that is not yet widespread, but  is gaining momentum very quickly.

Earn money
on all events in your area

Birthday parties

$250 average event check 
12 average num. of people 
$150 average..event profit  

Corporate events

$450 average event check 
20 average num. of people 
$300 average..event profit  


$200 average event check 
10 average num. of people 
$150 average..event profit

Bachelor/Hen parties

$350 average event check 
18 average num. of people 
$250 average..event profit


We prevent direct competition between franchisees in the same area to ensure that each franchisee has a fair chance of establishing a successful VR business. 

We as a franchisor grant a franchisee the exclusive right to operate a virtual reality business based on our software within a specific geographic area. This means that no other franchisees or third parties can operate a VR business with our software within the designated area (protected territory).

 The geographic boundaries of the protected territory depend on your territory population density, the duration of the exclusivity is limited by the time during which the franchisee pays the Business Support fee.  

Franchise map

Cities free to open:

  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Dallas, TX
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • San Diego, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • Philadelphia, PA