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About VR Business  

A simple system that does not require constant monitoring.

Starting the game is very simple and does not take much time. After the game, just turn off the virtual reality glasses. This type of business does not require a constant purchase of consumables, since all you need is VR glasses, a computer and wi-fi. You will have enough time to attract new customers without being distracted by everyday and routine tasks. 


1. Scalability.

This business is easily scalable due to minimal risks and small investments at the start. If you need more players, just buy more VR headsets.

2. Prevalence.

VR is the next step in high technology. This industry is of great interest and applicable in many areas.

3. Guaranteed WOW effect

This is an incredible feeling of happiness and euphoria. During the game, the boundaries between you and the game character are blurred. You become one, which makes it very easy to lose touch with reality. The virtual world will seem so alive and real that after that you will have to get used to everyday reality again.

4. No side effects after the game

Due to the free movement of players in the arena, there is no motion sickness effect. The player is completely immersed in the virtual world and feels like a part of it.

Forget about the discomfort of previous generations of VR attractions. We offer revolutionary technology.

5. What is required to open

Arena space
Height from 2.6 m
Minimum – 8×12 m – up to 8 people maximum
Medium – 10 × 15 m – up to 10 people at the same time
Large – 10 × 20 m – up to 10 people at the same time.
Huge – 15 × 20 m – up to 10 people at the same time.

Play equipment: helmets and gamepads
Mobile headsets Meta Quest 2 0r PICO4 and beyond.

Recruitment and training of personnel
At the first stage, you will need an administrator and an instructor, two employees in total.

Marketing expenses
Running ads to drive traffic

6. The target audience

Virtual reality can be played by anyone from 6 to 60 years old. More than 50% of the target audience are children from 8 to 16 years old and young people under 30 years old.