Using META QUEST 2 for VR Business

Meta Quest 2, a cutting-edge virtual reality headset, has revolutionized the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. With its sleek design, powerful hardware, and versatility, Meta Quest 2 has become an invaluable tool for VR rental business.. So it’s only natural that we initially built our VR business franchise for Meta Quest 2. Here are all the advantages of this decision for both application developers and business users:


Independent Purchase

Arena owners can independently purchase Meta Quest 2 from the official website or find various special offers from online retailers like Amazon or eBay. Furthermore, arena owners can even use second-hand equipment or make money with Meta Quest 2 in multiple businesses simultaneously (e.g., multiple VR gaming franchises or other purposes like training/education, virtual meetings, conferencing/events, marketing and brand engagement or virtual tours).


Using of Standardized Accessories

Such accessories include soft headset and joystick covers, replaceable hygienic cuffs, gun simulators with joysticks locks, special decorative stickers, and ready-to-use transport solutions.


Brand Popularity

The widespread popularity of the Meta Quest 2 brand in VR business industry allows for access to numerous user manuals, repair guides, service centers, and readily available spare parts. It also makes problem identification and staff training much easier.


Unique Self-Orientation System.

One of the standout business features of Meta Quest 2 is its unique self-orientation system, which allows players to determine their position based on floor and wall patterns. This innovation significantly reduces the cost of running a VR arena compared to systems that require external camera-based positioning or positional antennas attached to players.


Exceptional Equipment Liquidity

The equipment’s high liquidity means that VR business owners can sell their Meta Quest 2 devices at any time if they decide to exit the business or need to discontinue it.”

Please note that we also have our business VR franchise for alternative headsets PICO 4.

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