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List of Business VR Franchise costs   

VR franchise business costs depend on various factors, including the size and type of the business, its location, and its strategic goals. However, VR business expenses can typically be categorized into the following main categories:

Equipment costs 

  • VR headsets (Meta Quest or Pico 4) and a control computer (usually a laptop for the manager-instructor and arena administrator).
  • Additional devices and accessories, such as a Wi-Fi router and audio equipment to provide sound in the VR arena during games.
  • Reception area equipment, such as a large TV screen or multiple screens for showcasing current games, attracting customers, and displaying arena rules.
  • Equipment to increase the average transaction value, such as coffee machines and snack vending machines. It’s worth noting that this equipment can be rented or, in some cases, you may receive payment for hosting it in your arena.

Note: Currently, when using standard Meta Quest or Pico 4 kits, additional sensor equipment and motion tracking equipment are no longer required.

Space and Rental Expenses  

  • Rent for the premises or space to create the VR arena.
  • Utility payments, including electricity and internet.
  • Facility renovation (attaching soft panels to walls, installing banners, laying soft floor coverings with unique designs).
  • Reception area furniture purchase (clothing hangers, storage lockers for visitors, reception desk, manager’s workspace, sofas for waiting visitors).

VR Content Expenses   


  • Salaries for employees, including administrators, technical staff, and marketers.
  • Commissions for attracting visitors and the number of games played.

Marketing and Advertising   

Technical and Maintenance    

  • Repairs to VR equipment.
  • Purchase of spare parts and consumables (replacement of soft adapters on VR headsets).

 Operating costs  

  • Accounting and legal services.

Financial Expenses  

  • Repayment of loans and financing (if loans were obtained to fund the business).