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Is Warstation a business VR arcade Franchise?

Arcade shooting VR game, is a type of Virtual Reality game that emphasizes fast-paced shooting action and typically involves players using firearms or other ranged weapons like bows or axe to combat enemies. These games often have elements of action, precision, and reflexes.
Warstation and Avatar games VR franchise has a special arcade game that can be bought as an option.

This arcade VR game has:

Firearm-Based Gameplay

This game is centered around shooting mechanics. Players control a character, some mines and automatic turrets, to eliminate enemies (different monsters, zombies, spiders and different bosses) .

Fast-Paced Action

Players in this game face numerous waves of different enemies, and must react quickly to incoming threats. The games feature a continuous flow of action with minimal downtime.

Variety of Weapons

This games offer a variety of weapons and power-ups that players can acquire during gameplay. These includes different types of firearms, explosives and special abilities.

Level Progression

The Arcade VR shooting games consist of multiple levels or stages, each with its own set of challenges and enemies. Advancing through these levels is a primary objective, and many games culminate in a boss battle at the end of each stage.

High Difficulty

This game has a high level of difficulty, requiring precise aiming and quick reflexes. Enemy attacks can be relentless, and players must develop strategies to overcome challenging situations.

Multiplayer Options

Avatar games VR arcade Franchise is made for families, that’s why it offer multiplayer mode, allowing players to cooperate in combating virtual monsters.


Why starting VR arcade business option is a good add-on to your main VR arena?

The main challenge with VR arenas lies in the fact that the minimum number of players for Warstation shooters is 4, with the optimal number starting at 6 players. In team and family games from Avatar Games, it’s preferable to have an even number of players. But what do you do if you have 1, 2, or 3 players? In such cases, our franchise offers am arcade VR business option. In these games, battling waves of zombies, monsters, and bosses can be done by 2 or 3 players, or even just one. Therefore, we recommend adding this arcade option to your arena.