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Cosmic battle   

VR game

Cosmic battle at unknown planet VR arena

Your team has long settled on a new planet, and through hard and persistent work, you have been able to build a city of the future on it, learned to use the resources of the new world, and created a world of universal well-being. In your history, there have been many attacks, and you successfully repelled them using your armored suits and the most modern blasters with which all your inhabitants are armed.

But suddenly, mercenaries from a neighboring region of the planet have come again, who want to capture your city. This time, they too have the best armor and the most powerful weapons that can be bought with galactic coins. The battle won’t be so easy. And if you fail, you will lose everything you have built over the years. Be brave, be cunning, put on your armor suits, load your blasters, and go forth to defend your extraterrestrial home!