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Sci-fi city 

VR game map

SCI FI city VR game map

The Future… Flying cars, skyscrapers, just like in Blade Runner. Technology has reached unprecedented heights, but life itself is not as perfect as we expected. The world is controlled by two gangs, who confront each other every day, using their blasters to solve conflicts.

The first gang, calling themselves the “Blue Eagles,” consisted of a group of wealthy and influential people who ruled the city. They claimed control over all of the city’s resources and were willing to use any means necessary to maintain their power.

The second gang, the “Red Shadows,” was formed from the poor and rejected, who were denied access to resources and were forced to fight for their rights. They were small in number but compensated for this with their cruelty and cunning.

The struggle between these two gangs is merciless. They clash on the streets of the city, shooting their blasters and leaving behind destruction and death. But so far, neither gang has been able to achieve a final victory. Every time one side thought they had succeeded, the other gang found a new way to respond.

Choose your gang, wear red or blue armor, and your blaster will be issued by your commander.