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Hangar battle   

Tactical VR game

military VR tactical game missions

A special forces group attacked an airbase where military planes were stationed. However, to their surprise, they found that there were no planes ready for takeoff in the hangar they were heading towards. Instead, they were already on the runway. In the hangar, there were numerous boxes of ammunition and equipment waiting to be shipped to another location.

This was unexpected for the commander of the special forces group, and an even greater surprise was the amount of security ready for such an attack in the center of the hangar. It’s a trap! Instead of a quick and covert secret mission, the special forces have to engage in battle inside the hangar, where a prepared enemy could be waiting behind every corner, barrel, and box of ammunition.

Now it’s up to you how long the battle will last, and who will emerge victorious. Quickly grab your weapons and load up a new magazine. Winning won’t be easy.