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The One of US virtual reality game arena

In a world ravaged by an epidemic of an unknown fungus, survival became the main task for every human being. Day and night, people fought for survival, constantly wary of zombies and other people who could pose a threat.

Two different groups of people ended up in an abandoned supermarket. They came in search of food and medicine, but they collided with each other when they met in one of the store’s corridors.

The first group consisted of former military base employees who had a lot of weapons and ammunition. They were well armed and ready to defend their food and medicine supplies at any cost.

The second group consisted of surviving civilians who stumbled upon the supermarket by chance and were not as well armed as the first group. They were desperate people who wanted to survive and were willing to break the law to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

Tension between the two groups ignited instantly, and eventually, a shootout ensued. Despite the fact that the first group was better armed, the second group continued to fight, using all possible means and weapons they could find in the store. They understood that if they lost this battle, they would have nothing to eat or drink, and they would have to venture out in search of new supplies, exposing themselves to danger.

The victory of one of the groups was ensured by their desperation and determination to survive at any cost. They managed to capture all the necessary supplies and weapons.