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VR Worlds adaptation

or standard maps   

There are two options for making virtual reality arena indoors:

  1. You can play on a standard-sized arena created by our designers, for example, 16.4 by 59 feet (5 by 18 meters).
  2. Or we can adapt all of our virtual worlds to the specifics of your space. In our virtual world, there will be walls and columns exactly where they are in your physical location. This way, you can use your space more efficiently, even if your location has a complex configuration.

Standard-sized VR maps 

In the basic package, we offer standard virtual maps, and you can find a location that matches the virtual map or slightly larger. Our ready-made virtual maps have the following dimensions:

  • 19.7×19.7 ft (6×6 m)
  • 19.7×29.5 ft (6×9 m)
  • 19.7×39.4 ft (6×12 m)
  • 16.4×59 ft (5×18 m)
  • 29.5×39.4 ft (9×12 m)
  • 29.5×59 ft (9×18 m)

Fully adapted VR maps 

To get a virtual map fully adapted to the size of your location, you can order an additional option in the basic package or purchase the optimal package.

We will adjust and render all our virtual words exactly to your location dimensions including all columns, walls, side rooms etc. The players will see obstacles in virtual worlds exactly at the same places as you have them in your real arena. Usually, it takes about 14 days.