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Bridge assault    

VR tactical game

Tactical Military VR game - Bridge assault

In the city, a terrible virus has spread, turning people into vicious creatures. Water, food, and medicine have long run out, and most of the safe places have been destroyed, making it too dangerous to stay here. There is only one option left: gather all the weapons we have, find a car, and try to escape the city. However, the only way out of the city is through a bridge, and it is heavily guarded by a well-armed gang made up of former military personnel. They shoot at anyone who approaches the bridge, which they control, without warning.

The main problem is that the approach to the bridge is blocked by barricades, which prevent anyone from crossing the bridge.


Crossing to the other side of the bridge is our salvation. We will have to fight our way through. Reload the magazines! Forward to storm the bridge!