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Western world   

cowboy VR game

Western Virtual Reality world arena - Wild west

Hot rocks of the Arizona desert surround you, with only Joshua trees, creosote, and Gila monsters trying to hide from the scorching sun. Your small town in the center of the desert consists of a couple of shacks, a saloon with cheap whiskey, a blacksmith, and an old, depleted gold mine around which everything was built.

Your gang was hired to guard the mine during the early days of the gold rush because the local sheriff couldn’t handle the constant attacks and robberies of stagecoaches alone.

But the leader of another local gang has found out that there is still gold in your mine, and now he wants to take over your small town. It’s time to put on your cowboy belt and holster, step out into the blazing desert sun, grab your Peacemaker .45 caliber guns, and remember how to shoot with both hands to fend off the bandits’ attack.

It’s going to be a hot battle, and not everyone will be able to tie their horses up at the saloon tomorrow.