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Warstation virtual reality software development company

What is Warstation?

Warstation started developing VR gaming software from 2020 after Facebook presented it’s Oculus quest 2 (called Meta quest 2 now) headset.

Now Warstation became one of the biggest VR gaming companies that develops its own apps for business franchises now located in more than 30 countries.

We have two main directions acting under the different brands

Warstation virtual reality software company develops teams shooting games (right now we have more than 15 different games) for different locations: military and realistic, cosmic and sci-fi, western, dungeon, sbowballs.

Avatar games VR app development company makes games mostly for family entertainment games (Jet Fight, Fire Keeper, Paint battle, Fishing team, Crossbow fight, Harvest battle, save the penguins, Diamond dungeon) and some VR arcade games.

Both companies are the part of LASERWAR – the top rental laser tag equipment manufacturing company working from 2010 that has operators in more than 80 counties.